CA Community College Chancellor's Office CTE Rebranding Campaign

CCCCO  has established an internal-facing website to keep colleges current on the progress of the statewide CTE rebranding campaign ( The site houses an overview of the strategy and tactics, timelines, FAQs, documents such as the original RFP, guidance memos on "projects in common" issued by the Chancellor's Office Workforce and Economic Development Division, as well has results of marketing research conducted by the Chancellor's Office over the past year. We are excited to have entered the production phase and look forward to this summer's launch.


Recommendations from the California Community Colleges' Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation and a Strong Economy

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New Deans:


List of Acronyms

Glossary of Terms

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Reports & Publications:

Education to Employment: Designing a System that Works - Published 2013

The Enduring Challenge of Concentrated Poverty in America: Case Studies from Communities Across the U. S. - Published 2008

CTE Model Curriculum Standards - Web page for those interested in following the revision of Career Technical Education Model Curriculum (CTE) standards.   Published March 2013

Aligning Community Colleges to their Local Labor Markets - The emerging Role of Online Job Ads for Providing Real-Time Intelligence about Occupations and the Skills in Demand - Published September 2011 (1,595 kb)

Advancing Student Success in California Community Colleges - The recommendations of the Califonria Community Colleges Student Success Task Force - Published January 2012 (1.868 kb)

Serving Students, Serving California Community Colleges to Meet Evolving Demands - Little Hoover Commission - Published February 2012  ( 1,133 kb)

Career Opportunitites: Caree Technicial Education and the College Completion Aganda Part I: Structure and Funding of Career Technicial Education in the California Community Colleges - Published January 2012 (560 kb)

Career Opportunities: Career Technical Education and the College Completion Agenda ParII: Inventory and Analysis of CTE Programs in the California Community Colleges - Published February 2012 (544 kb)

Reclaiming the American Dream Community Colleges and the Nation's Future - A report from the 21st Centurey Commission on the Future of Community Colleges - Published 2012 (3,685 kb)

California Competes Higher Educaton for a Strong Economy - The Road Ahead - Higher Education, California'a Promose, and our Future  Economy - Published June 2012 (2,757 kb)

Certificates Gateway to Gainful Employment and College Degrees - Published June 2012 (6,294 kb)

RP Group CTE Employment Outcomes Survey for Certificate Completers - Statewide Results - Published 2012

RP Group CTE Employment Outcomes Survey for Program Leavers - Statewide Results - Published 2012

2016 Leadership Academy PowerPoints

  1. Strategic Planning PPT 
  2. Program Development & Approval PPT
  3. Leadership PPT
  4. Laws, Regulations, & Policies PPT
  5. EWD Essentials PPT
  6. Building Business and Industry Partnerships PPT
  7. Career Pathways PPT
  8. Managing Perkins PPT
  9. Funding CTE & EWD PPT
  10. Strategic Portfolio Management PPT
  11. Enrollment Management PPT 


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