Leadership Academy 2017 June 13-16, 2017

Embassy Suites Sacramento, 100 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814

Rooming link:  https://goo.gl/IbFAjf

A limited numbers of spaces are available so register early. 


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Certificate Program
For CTE/EWD Professionals

The CCCAOE Leadership Academy Program builds the core knowledge, skills, and networking essential to Career Technical Education (CTE) and Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) professionals. 

Program Goal: To support professional development that ultimately benefits community college students by improving the career and technical education programs available to them and by contributing to the economic development of communities where they live and work.   

Program SLOs: Participants who complete this program will be able to:

  • Identify CTE and EWD programs in place at their colleges/districts, trace how those programs are funded, and understand associated reporting requirements. 
  • Maximize the effectiveness of programs at the college/district through the careful management of available resources.
  • Embrace their role as the voice of CTE/EWD at the college and in the community.
  • Locate information and hone skills necessary to evaluate programs, keep them current, and build appropriate and successful new programs and services. 
  • Network with faculty and administrators at the college/district and with other professionals throughout the state as a key professional development activity. 

Navigating CTE/EWD

This overview of CTE and EWD will give you an understanding of agencies and organizations that support, influence, and fund Career Technical Education (CTE) and Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) programs in California’s Community Colleges. It will also give you an understanding of priority and emerging sectors as they relate to program development. Be prepared to navigate through a network of people and resources to benefit your objectives.

Career Pathways
Learn to describe and illustrate a “career pathway” and organizations that can be a part of a career pathway partnership. Do you know the differences between articulation of courses and programs of study? In this session you will learn to identify at least one resource you could use to support a career pathway program and gain the insight to explain how career pathways affect your job, college, district and region. 

Economic and Workforce Development Essentials

Many different organizations and agencies play a role in economic and workforce development. Learn to identify at least five of the local or statewide organization/agencies that can be involved.  Identify sectors that have been identified as a focus for your regions and recognize at least one organization or agency that you do not yet work with, that could support or be a partner in your economic and workforce development program. 

Strategic Planning                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Learn to identify appropriate data sets and how to use them in improving and enhancing CTE or EWD programs. Your trainer will illustrate how to use the data to identify strategic issues for CTE or EWD programs and apply strategic planning concepts to the planning process for your program/organization. 

Program Development and Approval
Need to develop a new program? Do you know three sources of data and/or information could be utilized in that process? Learn to identify program formats that provide “short cuts” to program approval. Learn the type of information that should be included in your application: curriculum inventory data elements, narrative template, and supporting documents for development/approval of new programs. 

Enrollment Management: “It’s a Mystery to Me!”
Discover data that can be used in effective enrollment management. Even more, learn to describe five enrollment management challenges faced by the CTE administrator. Be prepared to discuss strategies for integrating your enrollment management needs with the overall planning at your college. 

The Leadership Workout!
Do you know your leadership style and traits? What area or areas would you like to continue improving? Learn the tools and exercises that you can use on your own to continue learning about leadership and identify how you can use your position to lead from the middle. 

Strategic Portfolio Management
Do you know how to identify quality indicators that should be used to measure the individual programs you manage as part of a portfolio of programs? Learn to describe several differences between managing individual programs and managing a portfolio of programs. Also identify ways to describe how diversified your portfolio of programs currently is and how you might further diversify it and why. 

Funding CTE and EWD

Discover the public and private, state, and federal sources of funding for CTE and EWD programs and be able to identify one funding source you have not accessed in the past that might present an opportunity for your program. Understand how to describe a source or strategy you could use to bring additional funding to your program.

Managing Perkins Fund

In this session, participants will gain a basic understanding of funding streams within Perkins IV and an overview of managing Title I-C Basic Grant Funding. Some principles learned in this module include overall themes and purpose of Perkins, allocations, permissive and required uses, eligible and non-eligible expenses, other requirements, accountability, and risk management monitoring. 

Connecting with Businesses and the Workforce

Have you ever wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of your partnerships with business and identify ways to improve those relationships? Learn to present your program in a brief, focused way that will interest potential partners. At the end of this session, you will be able to identify current plans and efforts for building a stronger workforce in California that support your efforts at making connections. 


Life Cycle of a Policy

Ever thought about the life cycle of policies? Probably not, but wouldn’t you like to identify the sources of law ranging from local, state, and federal sources and the processes of changing and implementing laws. Learn all about advocacy efforts used to influence changes in law at all levels and how you, your students, and your college can influence local and state policy to support your students and CA’s economy!