CCCAOE Sends a Letter of support to The Honorable Ben Allen, Chair Senate Education Committee for SB 15 (Leyva)

"SB 15, as introduced, Leyva. Student financial aid: Cal Grant C awards.

(1) The Cal Grant Program establishes the Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B Entitlement awards, the California Community College Transfer Entitlement awards, the Competitive Cal Grant A and B awards, the Cal Grant C award, and the Cal Grant T award under the administration of the Student Aid Commission, and establishes eligibility requirements for awards under these programs for participating students attending qualifying institutions. Existing law requires that a Cal Grant C award be utilized only for occupational or technical training in a course of not less than 4 months. Existing law also requires that the maximum award amount and the total amount of funding for the Cal Grant C awards be determined each year in the annual Budget Act.

This bill would instead, commencing with the 2017–18 award year and each award year thereafter, set maximum amounts for annual Cal Grant C awards for tuition and fees, and for access costs, respectively. The bill would also provide that, notwithstanding the maximum amounts specified in the bill, the maximum amount of a Cal Grant C award could be adjusted in the annual Budget Act for that award year."