CCCAOE Sends a Letter of support to The Honorable Ben Allen, Chair Senate Education Committee for SB 15 (Leyva)

"SB 15, as introduced, Leyva. Student financial aid: Cal Grant C awards.

(1) The Cal Grant Program establishes the Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B Entitlement awards, the California Community College Transfer Entitlement awards, the Competitive Cal Grant A and B awards, the Cal Grant C award, and the Cal Grant T award under the administration of the Student Aid Commission, and establishes eligibility requirements for awards under these programs for participating students attending qualifying institutions. Existing law requires that a Cal Grant C award be utilized only for occupational or technical training in a course of not less than 4 months. Existing law also requires that the maximum award amount and the total amount of funding for the Cal Grant C awards be determined each year in the annual Budget Act.

This bill would instead, commencing with the 2017–18 award year and each award year thereafter, set maximum amounts for annual Cal Grant C awards for tuition and fees, and for access costs, respectively. The bill would also provide that, notwithstanding the maximum amounts specified in the bill, the maximum amount of a Cal Grant C award could be adjusted in the annual Budget Act for that award year."

Message from the President

Welcome back and happy 2017!
Letter from CCCAOE President, Julius Sokenu, Ed.D.

CCCAOE looks forward to building on its many accomplishments from 2016.  A year marked by seismic gains for Career Technical Education (CTE) with the infusion of the $200M Strong Workforce Program legislation to build more and better CTE.  

CCCAOE as the premier organization representing CTE/EWD professionals was front and center of the coalition advocating for strengthening our CTE infrastructure to meet the demands for high wage, high skill jobs, and increasing our student's opportunity for success to solidify California's economy.

Once again, you demonstrated the importance of our role as convener and provider of high quality professional development.  We had record attendance at our 2016 spring and fall conferences! 

In spring, we partnered with the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges, California Community College Chief Instructional Officers, and the California Community College Chief Student Services Administrators to deliver a historic joint conference focusing on the implementation of Strong Workforce Recommendations. 

The robust dialogues and meaningful networking continued in fall 2016 at the conference in Rancho Mirage, CA with over 600 of you in attendance. The Leadership Academy continued in June with a mix of faculty, administrators, technical assistance providers, and workforce development professionals in attendance.
CCCAOE begun 2017 by convening stakeholders from the California Community College system, K-12 partners, social justice organizations, and the California Department of Education to examine Career Pathways initiatives with the intent of identifying a common definition and aligning initiatives. 

This well attended half-day meeting on January 5th in Sacramento, continued CCCAOE's role as convener of important dialogues. Attending organizations have committed to exploring together in ongoing meetings and work groups an intentional design for Career Pathways. 

It is clear that there are many conversations taking place on pathways, and that it is through a coalition of organizations that we can align those conversations to strengthen student success and respond to industry demand for middle skills jobs that provide a living wage.

We will continue to advocate for CTE/EWD, engage in meaningful partnerships to sustain the CTE pipeline, deliver high quality professional development that solidifies talent and leadership that fuels CTE through time. The goal is to impact the lives of you, our members, so that you can do what you do best, which is build strong programs and empower students to achieve success. CCCAOE does this work to ensure access for all residents of California to an education that prepares them for whatever career path they may take.

I look forward to seeing you at the Spring 2017 conference in Sacramento, May 10-12, 2017and at the Fall Conference in Rancho Mirage, November 1-3, 2017. Stay tuned to these e-blasts as your Board wants to keep you better informed of the numerous activities CCCAOE undertakes on your behalf. 

Happy Spring!
Julius Sokenu
President CCCAOE

Welcome to the CCCAOE

In 1967, the California Community College Association of Occupational Education was established to serve as a statewide organization to advocate and promote interest and support for administrators having responsibility for vocational programs.

In response to a changing environment and evolving styles of leadership, the membership was expanded in 1992 to include faculty, support staff, and individuals from public and private sectors with shared interests in promoting occupational education and economic development. It was at this time that the organization became known as California Community College Association for Occupational Education.

The California Community College Association of Occupational Education (CCCAOE) is a strong and active statewide organization.  Our mission is to promote the interest of and provide support for occupational education and economic development activities in California Community Colleges. The organization provides leadership for professionals involved in preparing people for the workforce to enhance California’s position within a global economy.  Our nearly 500 members include Career Technical Education Deans, Economic Development Initiative Directors, Chief Instructional Officers, faculty and business partners.